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The MRNW wishes to thank….

Ridge Watcher(s) of the Month Awards Many of our residents really put in a consistent effort to assist the MRNW in various ways, so in July 2015, we decided to give these guys a teeny little token of our appreciation by way of a gift voucher to enjoy at one of our...

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CPF: Community Safety Planning for 2016

Dear Concerned Resident As part of our Community Safety Planning  for 2016, we would like your input on specific  problems faced in your area, as well as possible  suggestions on how to improve the situation. This could range from requesting improved street lighting...

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Water Restrictions in Cape Town

Most people seem to be aware that we are now restricted in our water usage. Here is a link to the City of Cape Town website that explains this in great detail. Level 2 Water Restrictions

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Snake hotline

The beauty of our area is the proximity to the vlei and sometimes snakes make their way into our gardens and homes. Please do not hurt or kill them. Phone the snake hotline for help.  

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MRNW Goal: Dedicated CW Vehicle

Most of our residents are aware that it is a Milnerton Ridge NW goal to reach a Crimewatch subscription number of 320 households. Many don't, so please read on.... We currently need 46 new members to sign up for us to achieve this. Once we reach this goal, we qualify...

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Doggie Friendly Beaches in Cape Town

Dogs are allowed at the following beaches, no lead required: Bachelors Cove Beta Beach Bakoven Clifton 1st Beach Clovelly Beach Dolphin Beach Doodles Beach Fisherman's Beach Frank's Bay/ Froggy Pond Glencairn Beach Hout Bay Beach (middle section only) Koel Bay Long...

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Milnerton Ridge Cameras Foil Burglar

Re-Post of original on the Crimewatch Facebook Page 2015 09 02 Thermal Cameras Deters Suspect in Milnerton Ridge       In this series of pictures: 04h41 a suspect is seen approaching houses in Milnerton Ridge from the vlei. The Crime Watch controllers...

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Remote Jamming – Watch how easy this is

Original articles can be found on the MyBroadBand website. Car remote jamming is an easy attack would-be thieves use to prevent drivers from locking their vehicles in parking lots around South Africa. While this relies on victims not noticing their car didn’t lock,...

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The Milnerton Ridge Neighbourhood Watch was officially reinstated as a community based organisation in January 2015, with a brand new committee whose focus is on wholistic community development – i.e. not only from a security point of view

Our aim is to reach as many residents as possible to get everyone on board the Milnerton Ridge Neighborhood Watch. We have a team of  committed individuals who have pledged some of their valuable personal time for the greater good of our community.

The groundwork has been established – all we need is YOU!

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