Traffic Calming Measures

Much has been said on the Milnerton Ridge WhatsApp Social group about the recently removed stop signs on Milnerton Drive.

The signs were removed by the City of Cape Town as a result of a request made at one of our recent public meetings about the number of speed bumps installed in recent times, and the lack of adherence to the 3 stop streets in between.

The traffic department surveyed the road and made a decision to remove these stop streets.

This survey has been drawn up to get a better feel of what residents think of these actions and how we can set about trying to improve safety issues, in relation to traffic movement in our suburb.

Please take a moment to complete the form and we will undertake to collate the answers and present any feasible suggestions to the City of Cape Town via our Ward Councilor.

Name (Required)
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Are you happy that the following stop streets have been removed?

Cnr. Clairwood/Milnerton Dr.(S)
Cnr. Clairwood/Milnerton Dr.(N)
Cnr. Durbanville Crs./Milnerton Dr.

Any other thoughts?

Are you aware that there is a public MRRA & MRNW meeting being held on Monday, 14 November 2016, at 6:30pm?
Yes -> We would love to see you there!No -> We will send you details



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