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The community have made recommendations on various suppliers and service providers. We have started to collect them and keep them in an easy to find place.

Useful Info

Milnerton Ridge Whatsapp Groups: Rules

Applicable to Milnerton Ridge Neighbourhood Watch Members ONLY Milnerton Ridge residents are encouraged to join the Neighbourhood Watch Whatsapp Security groups, which have been set up for communication related to safety and security issues – for the Ridge area…

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Overgrown trees on sidewalks – contact CCT 021 400 9538

If you need a tree on the sidewalk in front of your house cut down or pruned, please contact you local district operator Tel: 021 400 9538 (for Milnerton area) or alternatively log a C3 service request with the City of Cape Town  .

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Fault Reporting Log

Keeping a record of all reported faults and their outcome... Date Reference Number Description Reported By Outcome 17/06/2014 001010066317 City parks (Dumping and vagrancy) Hinrich Framcke 17/06/2014 001010066315 City parks (Dumping and vagrancy) Hinrich Framcke...

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Milnerton Ridge Recycling Service

We are happy to announce that we have engaged with local NPO CleanC to provide Milnerton Ridge residents with a recycling service. We have introduced a once a week collection - on Tuesday mornings, not earlier than 8:30am. Every subscribing resident receives a clear...

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Emergency Phone Numbers

SAPS MILNERTON 021 528 3800 Cape Town emergency / Metro (107 is a single emergency phone number - fire, ambulance, police, sea rescue - for use by people in Cape Town when made from a landline.) 107 Cape Town emergency (from cell phone)/ Metro 021 480 7700 Law...

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How to Make a C3 Complaint

When you see something that needs attention in our Neighbourhood you can LOG it on the City of Cape Town's web site: If we deal with these problems as a community, Neighbourhood Watch and City front, we...

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Security Camera Awareness

WHY COMMIT TO CAMERA PROJECT? A notification from security company to be on the look out for suspects that attempted to break into client’s house….

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