Who We Are

The Milnerton Ridge Neighbourhood Watch was officially reinstated as a community based organisation in January 2015, with a brand new committee whose focus is on wholistic community development – i.e. not only from a security point of view.

We established various channels of communication and currently have a website www.mrnwatch.org.za, a Milnerton Ridge Facebook page, various WhatsApp and Telegram Social and Security Groups, and an e-mail database which we use to send relevant information via e-mail.

Our aim is to reach as many residents as possible to get everyone on board the Milnerton Ridge Neighborhood Watch. We have a team of 8 committed individuals who have pledged some of their valuable personal time for the greater good of our community.

The groundwork has been established – all we need is YOU!

Mark Lindsell

Mark Lindsell


Jacqui Pember

Jacqui Pember


Gregory Player

Gregory Player


Hinrich Fraemcke

Hinrich Fraemcke


Derren Page

Derren Page


Our Vision and Mission


To be an active community initiated role player in making Milnerton Ridge a safe place to live in. Thus improving our lifestyle and reducing fear of crime in our daily lives.


  • To voluntarily work together to Create a safe neighbourhood
  • Unify the community
  • Keep the neighbourhood beautiful and aesthetically pleasing

What does being part of a Neighbourgood Watch mean ?

  • It DOES NOT mean that you have to participate in formal patrols
  • It DOES NOT mean that other residents will invade your privacy
  • It DOES mean that you need to keep an eye out for anything untoward whilst going about your normal day to day business
  • It DOES means that you become part of unifying the neighbourhood by ensuring safety for everyone living in the area
  • It DOES mean that you are letting criminals – even those that may live among us – know that we are collectively keeping an eye out for them and will not tolerate their presence

What’s Next

We ask that ALL households who have not yet done so, please register with the Neighbourhood Watch. Register Online Here. We have introduced the concept on an annual voluntary donation of R200 (R250 from 1 March 2020), which will be used for incidentals such as patroller equipment and for various projects we will be involved in.

We have house signs for sale at R50 each and vehicle identifying stickers at R10 each.

These modes of identification will assist us by

  • making criminal elements aware that we are working together as a neighbourhood
  • helping residents and our service providers identify the vehicles that do or don’t belong in the area.


Are you a Milnerton Ridge Resident?

Join us as Community member and Register to join the Neighbourhood Watch