Joint MRNW & MRRA AGM Done and Dusted!

Thank you to those who took the time to support us at our meeting on Monday, 13 November. 90 minutes well spent and we salute you for the effort you made in coming out and sitting through our feedback for 2017 and hearing what our objectives are for 2018.

Thank you to our Ward Councillor Wandisile Ngeyi for your words of encouragement for a largely thankless job. For those who complain that he is never to be seen – he was there and fully supports our efforts. It’s all about teamwork for him, and he in turn has our support.

To those who conveyed apologies for not attending – thank you, duly noted.

We have elected the committees who will represent Milnerton Ridge for the next year.


  • Ane Janse van Rensburg (Chair)
  • Jean Joubert
  • Ina Du Plessis
  • Jacqui Pember
  • Angie Oddone


  • Mark Lindsell (Chair)
  • Jacqui Pember
  • Alvarino Da Mata
  • Gregory Player
  • Michelle Gelderbloem
  • Ignis Van Rooyen
  • Clara Correia
  • Wouter Groenewald

Thank you to all of the above who set aside valuable family and social time to collectively work together to make Milnerton Ridge an awesome place to live.

We all do what we do in order to make the area safer & cleaner for our families and to improve the value of our properties. Everyone benefits.

Every effort made by the core group of residents who support our various initiatives is appreciated and we hope to continue to enjoy this support. If you have not yet registered with one of the organizations, please do so.

FACT 140 out of 774 households in Milnerton Ridge belong to the Neighbourhood Watch.

Please join OUR team.

The NW is not a run of the mill community organization –  we do more than just security ‘stuff’. A lot of focus is placed on Social Projects and we need people to help with these. Whether you’re a home owner or a tenant, you are a resident of Milnerton Ridge and we really need your help!