Dear Homeowner

We are blown away by the enthusiasm with which the City’s home composting programme has been met.As previously indicated, there are units available to the first 5 000 applicants only. We have now reached this target, so for now we unfortunately cannot accept any further applications for free home composting containers.

But please do not lose heart; there will be an additional 5 000 units available in the next phase of roll-out soon after July 2016. Please keep an eye on the City’s media releases and website for more information, which will advise of when the next phase begins and when applications can be submitted.

Kind regards

Cllr Ernest Sonnenberg

7 April 2016


Dear Homeowner

The City has embarked on an innovative home composting programme to divert as much household organic waste from landfills as possible. You can get involved by applying for a home composting container, thereby also enhancing your soil condition and making your own compost.

The process:
1. E-mail your signed application form to or return it to your nearest subcouncil office or walk-in centre. Remember to attach a copy of your ID.
2. Upon approval of your application, applicants will be issued with:
• A composting container (unit);
• A 2 ℓ container for indoor storage of daily kitchen organic waste before composting; and
• The relevant programme information.
3. The City will deliver the unit to your home within 30 calendar days.

Please note:
This is an additional service at no cost to you.
However, qualifying criteria apply:
• It is for single residences and sectional titles only.
• Only homeowners can apply.
• The property must include a secure garden area.
• The garden must include a minimum of 1 m2 of
open soil (for placement of the unit) and a minimum of
30 m2 covered by lawn, plants or greenery.

Please download and complete the application form here: