by Peter Andrianatos, Chairman Milnerton CPF – Sector 3 Sub Forum


With the recent spike in crime in the area you may be looking to give your home security system a bit of a boost. Here are tips you may want to consider implementing in order to prevent a would-be intruder from setting foot in your home.

    If you don’t already have a layered security approach to protecting your home, you may want to consider it. The more layers of protection you have working together to protect the people and possessions you hold inside it, the more reliable your home security system will be. Plus it gives your Armed Response Company more time to alert you and be on the scene to apprehend the Burglars. Early warnings to both Home Owner & Armed Response Company.
    What is the physical security surrounding the entry points to your home like? Rusted? Time to replace them. Making sure your electric fencing, security gates and burglar bars are strong enough to keep out burglars is very important.
    Visible wiring is a no-no when it comes to having an effective home security system. A burglar can easily disable an alarm system by cutting wires if they are visible. If you have an alarm system with wiring you can see, that means a would-be intruder can see it too. A suggestion – either do your best to conceal the wiring, or upgrade your system to one that is wireless.
    If you have an alarm system that you can activate and de-activate from the outside, then you benefit from the zero delay on your alarm. If not, then you’re buying an intruder time before your security company is notified that your home’s alarm has gone off.
    Many alarm systems have LED lights that show when an alarm is set which may seem great for deterring burglars who plan on striking at night. However, when the light is on during the day it also lets would-be intruders know that nobody is home. If you decide you wouldn’t like the LED light shining any longer, simply stick a piece of black tape over it. Voila.
    Security beams are great for alerting your security company that an intruder is on your premises before they even reach your home’s front door.
    Faulty alarm systems are bad news. If your alarm is constantly going off, your neighbours won’t think anything of the siren when someone really is breaking into your home. Get your alarm fixed as soon as possible and then head over to your neighbour’s house, freshly baked cookies in hand, to let them know.
  8. SERVICE YOUR HOME ALARM regularly, plus test it regularly, including Panic Buttons.
  9. SECURITY LIGHTING – Shed some light on the matter
    Burglars feel comfortable in the dark and will sooner target a house that lies under the cover of darkness than attempt to break into one with well-lit entry points. Think about installing lights outside your home to illuminate your home’s windows and doors.
    Burglars will more often than not break into a house when no one is home. Timers are a great help for giving the impression that someone is home, thereby deterring would-be intruders. You can easily sync your lights, radios and TVs up with timers, making presence in the house a breeze.
  11. GET A DOG
    A burglar’s pet hate… is a dog. Whether your dog’s bark is shrill or hearty, it’s an alarm that doesn’t go unnoticed and often sends burglars running.
  12. SIGNAGE – ensure that your Armed Response Signage is current reflecting that your Alarm has been serviced and not a sign of a company no longer operating in this area, or they have updated their logo / signs, yet yours reflects an old sign.
  13. EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS – Have a list in your home for easy reference.
  14. KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOURS – Have a list of contact numbers
  15. STREET COMMITTEES / WHATSAPP GROUPS – establish groups in your street / area to communicate & warn your fellow neighbours.
  16. NHW – Neighbourhood Watches – Join an existing Watch or help establish a NHW in your area
  17. SECURITY MEETINGS – attend NHW & CPF Meetings updating yourself & family on new trends & hotspots in your area.
  18. ENTRANCES TO YOUR HOME – ensure that they are open, clean & well lit, with no places for criminals to hide.
  19. BE ALERT AT ALL TIMES when arriving or leaving Home.
  20. DON’T CREATE LADDERS for criminals to access your Gardens – refuse bins are easy & mobile for criminals to jump over your walls.
  21. EDUCATE & TRAIN YOUR DOMESTIC STAFF & FAMILY – do not allow strangers; contractors access into your home unless you have given such instructions. Ask for Identification.
  22. HOME ALARMS / ARMED RESPONSE COMPANIES – have a Home Alarm and ensure that the Company that you appoint meet the correct criteria for your personal needs and that they are actually active in your area, ensuring good value & proper security. Check their response times; check their coverage in your street / area. Speak to your neighbours before you sign up a Contract. Read the fine print. Know your rights.
  23. LOADSHEDDING / BACK UP BATTERY SUPPLY – ensure that the battery on your home alarm system and entrance gates / garage doors is adequate and will cope with Loadshedding / disruption of power supply.

Criminals update themselves in new ways and technology, so must WE



  1. Perimeter security, eg Electric Fencing; Wall Spikes
  2. Security Lighting
  3. Intercom / Video
  4. CCTV Cameras outside and inside your property
  5. Garden & Patio / Outdoor Beams
  6. Home Alarm – Passives on Windows & Doors; alarms that trigger off when a door & garage door is opened. PIR’s
  7. Burglar Bars on windows & patio areas.
  8. Security Gates & Trellidoors at Doorways / entrances.
  9. Panic Buttons
  10. Security Gates sealing off bedroom areas / staircases / different levels in a home.

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