Published by Mmusi Maimane on his Facebook account
2018/01/26 11:45

Dear City of Cape Town residents, I would ask that you please share this with your friends and family.

I completely understand the anger of Cape Town residents. I myself am angry.

As DA Leader I put trusted, competent colleagues in mayoral positions.

These Mayors account to me as Leader.

In the case of Patricia De Lille, I was not satisfied with the way the City of Cape Town responded to the drought crisis. Many of you have told me that there was not enough clear and consistent communication on the water situation in Cape Town. I agree.

It is for this reason that I have stepped in. I have taken political control of managing the situation and established a new Drought Crisis Team.

Under the circumstances, it would not be right for her to continue managing the crisis, so we made changes and now need to ensure that we focus all resources on defeating Day Zero. This is my only mission now.

To be completely open with you, the City plans to have 120 megalitres online by May 2018, but until then we need to reduce consumption.

I want to ask that we all pull together and ensure that we use less than 50l per person per day. We can #DefeatDayZero

In our own home, we are committing to use 40l per person per day. With some effort and planning, I know our family can do it.

I will ensure that absolutely everything that is humanly possible is done to give us the best chance, but I need your help.

Mmusi Maimane