The committee members unanimously agreed during our last committee meeting (Monday, 13 January 2020), that we will be migrating all members from the WhatsApp Group to a newly created Telegram Group.

Reason being that we have run out of space on the WhatsApp Alerts group and rather than start up a second group on WhatsApp, we would like to initiate the move to Telegram.

Telegram also allows for easier editing of posts and deletion of posts by Admins, which is less stressful for those of us who do not want other members to be inconvenienced.

Telegram has the same capabilities as WhatsApp and is as secure. It has additional automation capabilities which we can leverage off to make administrative tasks even easier. For example, we can log all posts to a database, which can then be queried, analysed and archived.

With this in mind, we could like all MRNW members to download the app via the following links:

Once we see that you have joined, you will be added to the new Alerts Group and removed from the WhatsApp group.

An ADMIN will make sure that Alerts will flow from one platform to the other until the migration is complete.

We envisage this to be done by the end of April 2020 at the latest.

Members will also be added to the Milnerton Ridge News Channel, through which news items such as this will be posted. This channel is one way communication only, so no chatting – the Social Group will remain as is until there is a general consensus to move that over as well.