As communicated recently, Milnerton Ridge is experiencing a dramatic increase in crime. Below one of the graphs supplied in the e-mail. (Click to enlarge)

Yearly Breakdown by Type of Incident

We, the Milnerton Ridge Neighbourhood Watch, as well as our crime prevention partners, Crime Watch, are extremely concerned and would like to ramp up our efforts at reining in this alarming trend sooner rather than later.

We require input from all residents regarding a couple of initiatives that we feel will contribute towards curbing further criminal activity and hereby request that you take the time to complete the questionnaire below. We will use the information to determine our next steps and the timing thereof.

We would like to raise funds and install two new cameras at the locations marked in the two aerial photos of the Ridge. These two cameras would afford complete coverage of Milnerton Drive, which would make unusual behaviour easier to detect.

A number of residents have shown an interest in reinstating a bicycle patrol on some level. Should the interest be sufficient, we will engage with a security company who would be able to facilitate this request. Our previous project did not comply with PSIRA regulations, so we would need to choose a partner who have the necessary resources to fulfil our requirements.

It is becoming more apparent that active patrolling is required. To this end, we need to purchase more vehicle identification paraphernalia, as well as reflective gear for our patrollers. These items are fairly expensive and although most of our patrollers have purchased their own equipment, we feel that these items should come from the collective kitty. To date, we have received 23 donations out of the 174 member households and we would like to appeal once again that people make the agreed contribution.


CAMERAS (Target to be raised for 2 cameras: R52,000)



8 + 15 =

MRNW BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS • Account name: Milnerton Ridge NW • Account Type: First National Bank Business Account • Account Number: 62739829929 • Branch: Montague Gardens 204709 • Reference: <your name> + <purpose of donation>, e.g. camera, annual etc.