The Milnerton Community Police Forum Chairman – Lianne Lippert, has been asked if it would be possible for a permanent CPF presence to to be established in the Milnerton SAPS precinct by means of a specifically designated office – accessible by the community.

The purpose of such a presence would be to provide a conduit between the public and SAPS with regard to service delivery, as well as a means to provide the required oversight of the station on behalf of the communities in the area – which is part of the CPF’s mandate.

Other SAPS stations already have such an office or are in the process of facilitating this, and according to Craig Pedersen (MCWT),  he believes it is best practice according to the current CPF model.

The opening of such an office would go a long way towards strengthening the relationship between SAPS, the CPF and the community.

We would like to put it out to the residents in the area for constructive comment.

In order to make it easy for people to respond and for us to collate the feedback in support of a motivation for such an office, we ask you to please complete the below survey.

All input will be sent directly to Lianne for attention. Alternatively, you may e-mail directly for more information or input.

Thank you!

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    Dear Brigadier Stander (via the Milnerton CPF Chairperson, Lianne Lippert)

    In support of a motivation for having a designated CPF office within the Milnerton SAPS precinct, these are my comments:

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