Most of our residents are aware that it is a Milnerton Ridge NW goal to reach a Crimewatch subscription number of 320 households. Many don’t, so please read on….

We currently need 46 new members to sign up for us to achieve this. Once we reach this goal, we qualify for a dedicated vehicle in our area. It doesn’t leave the area then – cruises up and down and keeps an even closer eye on our suburb, plus they can give the NW patrollers additional support when they are out on patrol.

An alternative (or additional) option is for corporates to invest in our area as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Any large company can donate money towards areas in which they operate – directly or indirectly. Be it retail stores or insurance companies, real estate agents, banks – anyone who has a stake in the community in some form or another. If we can get the buy in of a few of these companies and get them to split the costs, our dedicated vehicle will become a reality – sooner than expected.

Everyone in the suburb can help achieve this goal by speaking to their neighbours and encouraging them to switch to Crimewatch as soon as possible. If new people move into the area, please introduce yourselves and ask them to sign up with our partners against crime. Or send us their details and we will approach them to bring them on board. Note that we are talking about CrimewatchSA – the company owned by Craig and Gill Ginsberg, and not the Crimewatch operated by the Milnerton Trust. They do not service this area at all.

If you are ready to switch, please contact Jacqui on e-mail address She will facilitate the process. Note that the NW team stands to get R500 per new sign up – this money can be put to good use for purchasing much needed equipment for our patrollers or to be put towards other initiatives that we will continue to engage in.