Patrolling: Types Of Patrols

The Milnerton Ridge Neighbourhood Watch has two different types of patrollers.


These are the people who hit the road on foot or by car at specified times of the day. They deliberately go about the area with the objective of looking for anything suspicious and reporting this in to Crimewatch.

A new type of active patrol has been introduced, that being Camera Footage Observer and refers to the cameras installed at the homes between 9 and 29 Milnerton Drive – vlei-side. At the moment, this type of patrol is only available to the owners of the cameras and select members of the MRNW committee. Discussions are underway regarding giving access to those contributing towards the maintenance of the camera network, and this decision will be communicated in due course.

Active patrollers need to obtain Occurence Book numbers from SAPS so that a log is kept of all our neighbourhood patrols. This link will explain the process of getting hold of said OB number.

We have built into this website the capability of ‘booking’ patrol slots. This functionality serves a number of purposes.

  • Indicates to other members when there is potentially an over or under subscription for a particular timeslot,
  • Allows people to check when there are others out and about and the option to join forces,
  • Facilitates record keeping for the NW.

Eyes and Ears (Passive)

Most of our members belong to this category of patrollers. These are residents who observe what is going on in the neighbourhood during the course of their normal business in the area. So, if people are jogging, walking their dogs, going to the shops, visiting friends or generally coming and going in and out of the suburb, they keep their eyes peeled and report anything suspicious to the rest of the residents via one of the Whatsapp Groups.


People acting as either of the above are encouraged to be visible by wearing reflective jackets or bibs. Active patrollers all have to wear identity cards, which are obtained from the NW.

A NW code of conduct is applicable and an indemnity form is required to be lodged with the administrator prior to undertaking active patrols.