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Paddocks Petition Covering Letter

Security incidents are becoming a common occurrence – from remote jamming, to hi-jacking, car theft, shop lifting, ATM scamming/tampering and armed robberies. In addition, we strongly suspect that the parking lot is being used as a meeting place for criminals to gather and plan their next target.

It has come to our attention that the Paddocks Centre has a network of cameras in and around the centre. But firstly – the placement and number of these are inadequate, and secondly, that those that are there – are not monitored.

A proposal has been put forward to Daleglen – the owners of the centre, and therefore a key stakeholder in our community, which would address both of these issues. However, they allegedly do not see the value in spending money on this added security layer. Thereby effectively rendering any of their cameras useless as a pro-active tool in PREVENTING crime.

The Milnerton Ridge Neighbourhood Watch would like to petition Daleglen to do something about this situation, as at this point all they are doing is giving shoppers a false sense of security. As it is, this sense of security is starting to wane and people are becoming reluctant to visit the centre to go about their normal day to day business. This would be to the detriment of the tenants of the centre, as well as the neighbourhood, as we need a vibrant, well maintained and easily accessible shopping centre in our area.

Please complete the petition below to voice your opinion –  comments related to the petition would support your statement, so feel free to submit them. All answers will be collated and forwarded to the owners at the end of March 2016.