Ridge Watcher(s) of the Month Awards

Many of our residents really put in a consistent effort to assist the MRNW in various ways, so in July 2015, we decided to give these guys a teeny little token of our appreciation by way of a gift voucher to enjoy at one of our local establishments.

We exclude our committee members from these awards but a special mention needs to go to each one of these individuals for dedicating their precious time in trying to make Milnerton Ridge a better place to live. It’s sometimes a thankless task, but we are seeing the results and that is reward in itself.

Thank you Mark Lindsell, Jacqui Pember, Alex Radlinger, Hinrich Fraemcke, Wouter Groenewald, Andre van Schalkwyk and our newest member, Maureen Verster. Without you all, the MRNW would not exist. We also need to thank Rolf Spaeth and the MRRA Committee for all their assistance in various non-security related matters that arise from time to time.

Monthly Awards as follows…

January 2016

  • Jean & Ane



  • Hester Carstens & Brian Roy


  • Greg Player
  • Carolina Burd-Rocchinotti


  • Margo Mullineux
  • Mike Ceruti, Marco Fiamoi, Alvarino de Mata


  • Ina Du Plessis


  • Maureen Verster


  • Hester Carstens & Brian Roy