IMPI Training Placement Strategy Project 2015 – Upskilling the Unemployed


IMPI Training is an accredited (MAPP 1965) training provider to the Printing & Packaging Industry. In 2003 IMPI Training opened it’s doors for the first time as a Close Corporation Company and in 2011 it became a Propriety Limited (PTY) Ltd company. Since inception, IMPI Training has become known across the Industry it serves for it’s high standards of excellence to the point of drawing clients and students from as far afield as Durban, Nelspruit, East London, Port Elizabeth and even Namibia and Botswana.


IMPI Training has received an FP & M SETA discretionary grant to be known as the IMPI Training Placement Strategy Project. This project is aimed at alleviating the crisis with regards to the skills shortage and high unemployment situation in South Africa and specifically within the Printing & Packaging Industry. To this end, we can accommodate 40 candidates between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age and with a minimum of a matric certificate for possible uptake within the Industry. The course costs to the potential candidates will be ZERO! The only cost to candidates will be the cost of getting to our facilities in Bellville during this project.

Potential candidates will undergo the following…

  • An Ishihara colour Blindness test
  • The Farnsworth Munsell colour perception test
  • A practical mechanical trainability test
  • A theoretical trainability test
  • A fire fighters course
  • A health and safety course
  • A basic 1st aid course
  • An introduction to printing course

The total value of the above is slightly under R10 000 per candidate!

This is the first pilot project of this nature within our Industry and it’s success will determine if this project will continue in the future. We therefore invite your members that are previously unemployed, matriculated and between the ages of 18 to 25 to submit their CV’s for consideration.

The process is as follows:

  1. The candidates will submit their CV’s to Chris Lambert or to Etienne Bester
  2. 40 candidates will then be selected pending on their education, age, and various other criteria stipulated by our clients
  3. IMPI Training (Pty) Ltd will then conduct interviews with the 40 selected candidates in groups or individually, explaining the entire process while assessing the attributes of the candidates
  4. Candidates will then participate in tests and attend courses in order to profile them and assess their levels of competence for entry into the Printing and Packaging industry
  5. IMPI Training (Pty) Ltd will assist the candidate learners in amending their CV’s specific to the industry and submit their CV’s with portfolios established in the testing period, to our clients
  6. This serves as a short listing for our clients and they will hand pick the candidates as they deem fit. These candidates will then be interviewed by our clients and the best performing will be selected
  7. Once selected, the candidate will be indentured as an Apprentice or on a Learnership at the client company. These include Lithographers, Flexographers, Gravure Machine Minders, Electronic Originators, Laminators, Binders, etc.
  8. Once indentured the client company will pay for all training completed and pay a salary of no less than R4766.00 gross per month as per current legislation (2015) for 1st year apprenticeships / learnerships.
  9. During the indentured training period candidates must prove to the client company that they have what it takes and are compatible with the ethos of that organisation to ensure that employment becomes permanent.


  1. It needs to be known that there are no guarantees of selection or employment at our client companies, as it is the candidate’s duty to prove to their employer that they are the best suited for the position.
  2. Continued employment after Apprenticeship or Learnership is not guaranteed for the same reason in point 1 above.
  3. The courses and testing done by IMPI Training (Pty) Ltd is completely free of charge to candidates, so even if they don’t get selected they will have three free generic courses that they can use for employment opportunities elsewhere. (Win – Win situation for someone who is unemployed)
  4. The courses are First Aid, Health & Safety Representatives, Fire Fighting and Introduction to printing (ID2).
  5. All candidates must currently be unemployed! All applicants must have Grade 12 with Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy and be between the ages of 18 – 25.
  6. IMPI Training (Pty) Ltd does not guarantee selection, employment or any further possibilities of employment.
  7. All candidates will be tested by the employing organisation for substance abuse!


For further information or enquiries, please contact either Etienne Bester or Chris Lambert on the numbers provided above.

Best wishes,

Chris Lambert

IMPI Training