Code of Conduct

There are strict laws that govern how the Neighbourhood Watch members may act when they are involved on any patrol.

SAPS support our organization as long as we comply with the conditions imposed on all Neighbourhood Watches.

  1. This Code of Conduct and the Constitution of MRNWatch shall be binding on all members of the MRNW.
  2. Members of the MRNW must at all times act in a non-violent manner. No member may take the law into his/her own hands irrespective of circumstances.
  3. All members who actively patrol or respond to emergencies (as a representative of the NW), must be in possession of a photographic ID – endorsed by the Brigadier of Milnerton SAPS.
  4. No member of the MRNW shall display racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination towards any other member or person.
  5. When on patrol and reacting to a situation, a MRNW member may only use ‘minimum force’, as described in the Criminal Procedure Act No. 51 of 1977, in order to secure the arrest of the perpetrator of an offence. No intimidation in whatever form may be used in the communities where patrols will be taking place.
  6. No member shall carry any weapon perceived to be dangerous that could inflict serious bodily harm or damage to property. This includes dangerous weapons as defined by law when patrolling. Only weapons for the sole purpose of self defence as approved by the Provincial Commissioner, SAPS – Western Cape may be used.
  7. All members with firearms taken on any patrol shall declare these to the local SAPS Crime Prevention Officer before going on patrol.
  8. No person under the age of 18 years may participate in any patrol.
  9. Members of the MRNW may not divulge any confidential or privileged information that they have acquired as a result of their membership of the MRNW.
  10. Any member of the MRNW found to be making public statements and or addressing the media as a spokesperson for the MRNW without the explicit authority from the Committee of the MRNW duly mandating that member to act for and on behalf of the MRNW, shall be guilty of a serious offence, resulting in the suspension / expulsion of the member as decided by the Committee.
  11. No member of the MRNW may accept any payment, commission or gratuity in connection with his/her membership of the MRNW, except after being duly authorized to do so by the Committee of the MRNW.
  12. No member of the MRNW may exploit his/her membership for personal advantage or benefit.
  13. Members of the MRNW must at all times act in a manner that will uphold and promote the aims and objectives of the MRNW as highlighted in the MRNW Constitution and this Code of Conduct.