When you see something that needs attention in our Neighbourhood you can LOG it on the City of Cape Town’s web site:


If we deal with these problems as a community, Neighbourhood Watch and City front, we are more likely to get a better response.

  1. Click on the CREATE SERVICE REQUEST link
  2. Select the GROUP that the issue relates to
  3. Go to SERVICE – Choose a type from the list by clicking on the little black arrow on the right
  4. Click on the Step 2 button
  5. Describe your complaint in as much detail as you can
  6. Click on the Step 3 button
  7. Type in the ADDRESS or click the location on the map where attention is needed
  8. Click on the Step 4 button
  9. Upload a photo, if you have one
  10. Click on the Step 5 button
  11. Fill in your CONTACT DETAILS and your preferred method of feedback
  12. Click on the REVIEW button and check all your information
  13. Click on the SUBMIT button to send it through to the City of Cape Town

Make a copy of the cellphone message or e-mailĀ  with the reference number, for follow up should the problem persist