Q: What does the MRNW do?

The main purpose of the MRNW is to assist residents in reducing crime

Q: What area does the MRNW operate in?

We cover the area from the Paddocks end of Milnerton Drive to the Traffic Department end of Milnerton Drive, and all the roads leading off Milnerton Drive.
In addition, we cover the vlei area

Q: Do MRNW members get paid?

That would be nice but no, nobody gets paid. It’s a voluntary service for the good of the community we live in.

Q: How is the Community Police Forum related to the MRNW?

The CPF is the conduit between the Neighbourhood Watches and SAPS. They assist with communications between the entities.

Q: How is the Crimewatch related to the MRNW??

Crimewatch is a separate armed response entity, funded by subscribed residents in Milnerton Ridge, and neighbouring suburbs. They have the biggest presence in the area, respond the quickest, are locally owned and have the best interests of the community in mind. They are willing to work with the Neighbourhood Watch and assist us with any issues that we encounter whilst on patrol. We have a radio link with them and they are close at hand when needed. Not to be confused with Milnerton Crime Watch, who service the Milnerton ‘Proper’ area in lieu of a Neighbourhood Watch and are funded by the residents in that area.

Q: How do I get involved, help in the community?

First off, please join the Watch. Again, being a member doesn’t require anyone to do physical patrols. We have Active and Passive membership, explained below.

Q: Who can join the MRNW?

Any person who resides in the area as defined above. Must be over the age of 18 and have a clean police record.

Q: Where do I go to become a member?

You can apply on-line right on this site once your registration for site membership has been approved. Alternatively, you can e-mail admin@mrnwatch.org.za for a form, which you can then complete, scan in and send back for processing.

Q: How much does it cost to join the MRNW?

It does not cost anything to join the watch. We do sell house signs and vehicle identification stickers which assist us in identifying who belongs in the area or not.

Q: What do I get as a member of MRNW?

You get to belong to a community who cares about what happens to the people who live in it.

Q: Is it only about patrolling?

Definitely not. It’s about being aware and keeping an eye out on what is happening in the area and reporting anything odd to the rest of the residents and or service provider.

Q: What is 'Eyes&Ears' or 'Active'?

These are simply different types of patrolling. Eyes&Ears means that people should be aware and on the lookout for anything strange and report any suspicious behaviour. Active means that you’re willing to actively participate in any form on patrol in the neighbourhood.

Q: Are vagrants allowed to have trolleys?

Not shop-branded trolleys – these belong to the shops in question and have been stolen.

Q: Why is it bad to leave my bin out?

It attracts vagrants into the area and amongst these are criminals. They can also use your bin as a step ladder to jump over your wall.

Q: What is the code of conduct of the Whatapp & Facebook groups?

In a nutshell, if you can’t repeat what you want to say to your grandmother, then don’t broadcast it in public.