Everyone has different opinions on what constitutes a ‘good’ alarm system. As safety is so close to all of our hearts, it’s critical to gain an understanding of what works the best under each person’s circumstances.

Tommy Milakovic has recently started with Crimewatch and brings with him a wealth of understanding of security systems, having worked in the industry for a few decades.

Please click on the following link – KnowYourAlarmSystemComponents to find a list of a few components which can be found in a typical alarm system installation and a brief overview of each, listing their pros and cons where applicable.

Tommy has offered to run a workshop for Milnerton Ridge residents should anyone be interested in learning more about the various options on offer, thereby allowing one to make an informed decision when considering a new alarm installation or an upgrade of an existing system.

Please use the survey form to indicate your interest in such a workshop and once we have enough people on board, we will put one together and advise everyone of a suitable date.